Floatti Reviewers Program

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We value our user's voice greatly. That is why we want to start by bringing in more reviewers. By signing up, you will receive a Floatti Carry On suitcase for FREE which you can use it for up to 180 days. In return, we kindly request you to write and post 2 reviews on your social media - one for unboxing and initial thoughts, and one for your trip while traveling with your Floatti.

By clicking "I'm in", you agree the terms and conditions listing below

Terms & Conditions

- Each review need to be at least 50 words long & contain at least 2 images. 

- Reviewers would post the review on their personal social media account.

- The review post would need to remain public for at least 12 months. 

- Reviewer agrees Floatti to share their posts or use the materials created for marketing purpose, on the channels including but not limited to: Floatti.com, Floatti's social media channels

- Floatti would cover the Shipping fees